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What is the Knucklemate?           



                    The Knucklemate is an innovative tool for the specific use of drawhead alignment.

  After many years of first-hand experience working with CSX Transportation, Leonard (L. T.) White realized the need for a tool that would reduce the physical stress necessary to manually realign mismatched couplers.

  Designed and produced by  his son Rick White, under the guidance of his father, the Knucklemate was created expressly for the purpose of making this difficult task less strenuous.  In turn, the risk of back injury was greatly reduced.

  Patented in 1991, the Knucklemate was written into the CSX rule for safety and ease of use. 

  Knucklemate has been proven beneficial by major U.S. and Canadian railroads in greatly reducing the possibility of drawhead related back injuries, which can cause permanent physical damage and suffering.  Such injuries often result in millions of dollars spent on medical treatment and court settlements.

  Upon rigorous testing, required and provided by 3 major US railroads, the strength of the Knucklemate was proven to exceed the necessary force required to move misaligned drawheads. 

  The handle is comprised of a special pulltrusion fiberglass with the highest strand-count per diameter available.  The strength and flex of the fiberglass result in a highly durable handle.  This fiberglass also contains a UV protectant and a protective veil which reduces splintering.

  Knucklemate heads are made of cast steel to withstand the test of time.  Greater tensile strength combined with a seamless head produce a stronger, more durable product.

  Each Knucklemate is assembled by hand, and individually inspected before shipping to assure your satisfaction.

  The White Family takes great pride in providing you with a quality product made in the U.S.A. 

That's the way L. T.  wanted it, and that's how we do it.



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 This website is lovingly dedicated to the memory of 

Leonard T White


1929  -  1999